High Waisted Vs Low Waisted Shapewear

High Or Low Waisted Shapewear

I’m often asked which type of shapewear to choose. The biggest stumbling block always seems to be around whether to go for high waisted or low waisted styles. Both of these come in shorts, knicker leg style and thong back.

What Is High Waisted Shapewear?

High waisted shapewear is the stuff that comes all the way up to just under your bra. It isn’t a bodysuit as it doesn’t have straps or cover your bust.


  • great for getting too tight waistbands to fit more easily
  • slims and smoothes your waist
  • really helps to sort out muffin tops
  • most high waisted shapewear has an opening gusset


  • this stuff can’t be worn with anything fairly low backed
  • the top can be tricky to keep in place and if it doesn’t fit correctly it will roll down
  • it takes a bit of wiggling into

What Is Low Waisted Shapewear?

Low waisted shapewear is the sort that ends where a normal pair of knickers would – ie around your waist. It doesn’t cover your waist, so it won’t slim it.


  • really easy to get on and wear
  • works well with low backed dresses and tops
  • great for sorting out tummy bulges


  • none of it comes with an opening gusset – so you need to pull them down to use the loo
  • the waistbands can dig in and create a muffin top (spill over your waistband)

So Which Do You Go For?

If you are wanting to wear your shapewear with a dress or top with a fairly low back, please always go for low waisted shapewear. You really really don’t want your shapewear to show!

If you are struggling to get your waistband on your jeans to do up, or if you are looking for something to create a nice smooth line under your clothes, go for high waisted shapewear. If you are worried about it rolling down at the top, pair it up with some shapewear straps. These loop around your bra and fasten onto your shapewear, holding it all nicely in place.




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