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Slimming Bodysuits

Slimming Bodysuits

Read our complete guide to choosing the best bodysuit for your figure and your outfit.




What Are Slimming Bodysuits?

Slimming Bodysuits are shapewear garments that cover most of your torso area. They are usually much more expensive than a body shaper or pair of control briefs and they are often bought for special occasions. Rather confusingly, all the different brands call bodysuits all sorts of different things. They are referred to as things like a bodybriefer, a singlette, an all in one.

What Are The Different Styles Of Slimming Bodysuits

Slimming Bodysuits come in so many different styles, it can be quite confusing! I’ve tried to break things down for you by the different features.

Knicker Leg Bodysuits

The knicker leg bodysuit looks like your classic swimsuit style bodysuit. It usually has shoulder straps and there are variations that have either an open bust (you wear it with your own bra), a soft closed bust (non-molded cups) or molded cups that act like a built in bra. They usually slim your bottom, hips, tummy, waist, midriff and back. If you are prone to VPL (visible panty lines) make sure you choose a knicker leg bodysuit that has soft opening legs, such as the Miraclesuit Comfort Leg Molded Cup Bodybriefer (2802). Most knicker leg bodysuits come with a hook and eye gusset, so you don’t need to pull them down to use the loo. Knicker leg bodysuits are a good option to choose if your dress or skirt is rather short. It stops the risk of your shapewear peeping under the hem!

Mid Thigh Leg Bodysuits

Mid thigh leg bodysuits look like body shapers (shorts) on steriods. Most of them come with shoulder straps, but there are a few options if you are wanting to go strapless. Lots have the open bust feature, which looks like a scooped out section at the front. This means you can wear it with your own bra, and you don’t have to include your bust in the size calculations. Mid thigh leg bodysuits usually slim your thighs, hips, bottom, tummy, waist, midriff and back. Some are low backed enough to sit below your bra strap, but most sit high back your bra strap and help to cover any bumpy bits around that area. Most mid thigh leg bodysuits come with a double flap opening gusset (not a hook and eye fastening). This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it does mean you don’t have to pull everything down to use the loo.

Thong Back Bodysuits

There are a couple of thong back slimming bodysuits in existence. These aren’t as strong in control as the other styles, but they do work really well under tight trousers.

Open Bust Bodysuits

The open bust feature is really popular. It looks like a scooped out section at the front of the bodysuit. You wear the bodysuit with your own bra. The reason for this is that lots of people’s busts are not in proportion to their figure. This makes getting the shapewear to fit correctly elsewhere nye on impossible. So the best solution is for you to wear your well fitted (hopefully!) bra and get the shapewear to fit your body. Look out for soft edges around the open bust. This gives the most comfortable fit. I have seen some awful seams on some cheaper bodysuits that dig in a create bulges UNDER your bra. Not pleasant!

Covered Bust Bodysuits

Some slimming bodysuits come with a shaped bust section at the front that doesn’t give a huge amount of hold. If you are wanting to wear one of these you do always have the option of wearing your own bra underneath it. For some lucky people with perky boobs, you might not need any extra support and the shaped bust section will work well for you.

Strapless Bodysuits

If you are wearing a strapless dress, you need strapless shapewear. Ordinarily I do recommend wearing a pair of high waisted shorts or briefs and teaming it up with a strapless bra and some shapewear hold me ups (this attaches the shorts to your bra). However, there are a few strapless bodysuits that might suit you instead. For obvious gravity reasons, these all cover your bust and are therefore no good if you have a big bust and need good support.

Adjustable Strap Bodysuits

Adjustable straps are a must on any good slimming bodysuit. This helps with the fit of the whole thing.

Multiway Strap Bodysuits

Depending on the style of your dress, you may want a multiwap strap bodysuit. This style allows you to wear the straps in several ways – normal shoulder, halter neck, criss cross or racer back.

High Backed Bodysuits

Most of the slimming bodysuits on the market are fairly high backed. They either cover your bra strap on your back (helping to making everything look smoother), or they go even higher!

Low Backed Bodysuits

Although hugely in demand, there are very few proper low backed bodysuits

Plunge Neckline Bodysuits

There are several really good bodysuits that you can wear with a plunge neckline dress. They are cut so as not to show down the deep v at the front.

Pretty Bodysuits

Although we all love the impressive functionality of the more robust slimming bodysuits, sometime we want slimming AND pretty. There are quite a few really pretty bodysuits you can buy these days. They won’t give you a dramatic transformation, shape wise, but will help to slim and smooth things out, whilst remaining passable in the bedroom!


What Are The Different Brands Of Slimming Bodysuits

Most of the top brands of shapewear sell at least several different slimming bodysuits

Spanx Bodysuits

Miraclesuit Bodysuits

Trinny & Susannah Bodysuits

Naomi & Nicole Bodysuits

Slimming Bodysuits Best For…

Wearing Under A Low Backed Dress

Hiding Back Boobs & Bra Bulges

Giving A Super Smooth Line Under Very Tight Clothes

Wearing With Very Short Dresses & Skirts

Wearing With Strapless Dresses

Wearing Under Bodycon Dresses

Big Busts

Plus Size Figures

How Much Do Slimming Bodysuits Costs?

The cheapest (but still nice and effective) slimming bodysuit I know about is the The most expensive slimming bodysuit I have found is the The rest of them range somewhere in between!

Where Can I Buy A Slimming Bodysuit?

Online Shops The Magic Knicker Shop – the trusty Magic Knicker Shop sells a superb range of slimming bodysuits. They all come with free UK delivery (with other delivery options available, including international). The Magic Knicker Shop is brilliant if you need to speak to someone for advice. They also give you 60 days trying on time and let you return things if they aren’t suitable. Amazon – if you are looking for a Spanx bodysuit, Amazon sell a good range here. Do be careful though as some Amazon sellers don’t allow you to return things if they aren’t suitable. High Street Shops John Lewis, Debenhams and Next all sell a range of slimming bodysuits. Not all of the shops stock them though, so you’d have to check online with them before making the journey to buy.

Slimming Bodysuit Reviews